PL-TD460H-L Home Treadmill

Keeping healthy is a lifetime thing, the phenomenon of exercising at home has increased rapidly during the global COVID-19, we all know that there are a copious amount of health benifit for workout at home, it can release the stress from your body,  you can spend your exercise time with you family and friend, exercise at home bring you happiness experience.

If you are looking for a home use fitness equipment, we would like to recommend you a treadmill PL-TD460H-L, its patented appearance technology offers a stable and classic vision experience, The overall frame design makes the center console extremely stable, providing a solid and reliable experience and a quiet and comfortable feeling for exercisers.


The stylish button located on the center console allows speed adjustment with one turn and start/stop with one click.

 Two water bottle holders on either side of console, making it easy for users to store water bottle and keep it stable. The long storage tank designed in the middle position can hold mobile phones, ipad, membership cards, etc.

The functions including Speed, time, distance, calories, heart rate, 12 kinds of manual program, USB charging, MP3, Bluetooth audio.



Post time: May-24-2022