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In order to enhance the physical fitness and fitness of employees, cultivate their interest and ability to participate in sports, enhance the spirit of unity and cooperation of employees, and enrich the cultural, sports and entertainment life of Puluo people, the company has built a standardized basketball court on the open space next to the employee dormitory. The completion of the basketball court provides a standardized venue for the Prologue employee basketball game, ensuring that Prologue people can enjoy the joy of sports anytime and anywhere. At the same time, Prologue also has another new business card to showcase the corporate culture.


Exercise can not only exercise the body to maintain physical fitness, but also help employees seek a balance between work and rest, improve work efficiency and work better. In addition to sports can bring health, it also contains many philosophical and spiritual connotations. Basketball is a team sport that pays attention to cooperation. Individual ability is important, but teamwork is the key to victory. This invisibly enhances the team cohesion of employees. And a sense of belonging.

The new basketball court was officially opened, and Fuzhou Puluo Machinery Co., Ltd. added another beautiful landscape. Hereby recruit all employees for the company's basketball team! If you love sports, if you like to sweat on the court, if you can unite your teammates and insist on training with your players, you are welcome to join!


Whenever you start basketball, it must be incomparable to you!

For everyone who loves basketball, basketball has a meaning unique to you.

It is the light of the morning sun, and the cool shade of the basketball court in the afternoon!

It's a carnival with the brothers after get off work!

While we are still young, while we are still full of enthusiasm.

The Provincetown basketball team has its own steel-like perseverance.

The spirit of not admitting defeat, let me give up the pride of others.

More harmonious and joyful team atmosphere, tacit cooperation of mutual trust.

We hope you can join!

Post time: Dec-07-2020